How It Works

We are not a pay-per-lead App 

We have done the math! By the time you factor in driving time, preparing customer quotes, hours on the phone hoping to get your money back for fake leads, your profit margin is much, much lower than you think. When over five contractors pay upwards of two hundred dollars for the same lead, both good contractors and good customers lose. 

Home Project Gurus partner Contractors don't need to worry about all of that wasteful spending. Our experienced Project Consultants work with our customers to ensure that we are a good fit to take on their project. Once aligned, our Field Project Manager then works to align the contractor or contractors with the best possible fit, at no upfront cost.  

Scale your business based on value, not on price

Yes, there are hundreds, if not thousands of competitors offering the same services you do, and covering the same geographical locations. That doesn't mean you need to commoditize your work. Clients that Hire Home Project Gurus, do so not because of competitive pricing, but rather their trust in our commitment to manage and deliver their projects efficiently, protect their privacy, and hold ourselves accountable. 

Our clients also hire us because they believe in our commitment to helping our contractor partners grow their business.

So, whether you are starting out, or looking for better ways to grow your company, you can count on us to help you reach your goals.

Ongoing Training and Support

 We all need guidance at any given time. At Home Project Gurus, we understand that our success is only possible if our contractor partners are successful. Active partners are provided with educational resources, and ongoing training and support to help them build and grow their businesses. 

This is especially critical for individuals who may possess extensive trade experience and are looking to start their own business.

Are you ready to grow your home improvement business the right way?