Do you think of quality as an end-goal, or as compulsory to your transaction? 

 Let's say for example, that  you are getting ready to paint the interior of your condo and as part of your process, you obtain 3 to 5 quotes. All of the contractors have great ratings and reviews but the quotes range from $1500 to $6000 for the same work. If you think of quality as compulsory to the transaction, you are more likely to select quotes closer to the lower range because if your definition of quality is the same at $1500 and $6000, why should you pay $6000 for something that is already implied as part of the transaction? If you think about quality as an end-goal, you are probably going to put a bit more thought in your selection process and likely select quotes closer to the higher range. 

Our free consulting-to-quoting process is specifically designed to help us have a clear picture not only of your home project, but also of you and how you think about your project. For us, it is important to arrive to the same definition of quality together to determine if we are good fit for you.

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How do you think about cost?

Cost is of course, the most important part of your planning, and it usually comes in the form of search result during your research stage. When you set your budget for your home project, how much of your decision was formed by the top 5 search results? Do you set your budget according to the lower range of provided in your search results? Much like in the example above, they way you think about cost and how you set your budget can be a determining factor of your end-result. 

We help customers work through understanding and factoring in the unseen cost of their home project, and how we can help them avoid the high cost of hiring the wrong contractor based on price.  


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What's peace of mind worth to you?

 Home improvement marketplace services have evolved greatly since the mid and late 90s to what we know as marketplace apps today. The market is crowded with hundreds of them, and when the top 10 have hundreds of affiliated website partners of their own battling it out, not to win your project but your personal information. This not to say that marketplace apps do not add value to the consumer, of course the do. In many ways they have leveled the costumer-contractor relation, leading to real benefits for both. 

However, in a market where efficiency, trust, and accountability go hand in hand, It's becoming increasingly common for customers to come experience the exact opposite. Still, the overwhelming popularity of home services apps has led to the commoditization of home improvement services, which to customers looking for "the best bang for the buck," it's a risk worth taking.  

Things break from time to time, and planning not always goes accordingly, but when that happens, who you partner with to take on your home project can be the difference between success and failure. We work with customers who include their peace of mind in their hiring  process for their home project regardless of size or complexity. 

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